OCP 12C – RMAN and Flashback Data Archive

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RMAN Enhancements

New Privilege

  • A new SYSBACKUP privilege is created in Oracle 12c,  it allows the grantee to perform BACKUP and RECOVERY operations with RMAN


  • You can now use SQL Statements in RMAN like you would do in SQL*PLUS :
    • BEFORE : RMAN> SQL “alter system switch logfile”;
    • NOW : RMAN> alter system switch logfile;

Multisections Backups

  • You can create multisection backupsets by using the SECTION SIZE keyword in the RMAN script:
    • RMAN> backup as copy section size 100M database;

Duplication Enhancements

  • Duplication is possible for CDBs, a single PDB, multiple PDBs at the same time and standard databases.
  • Active duplication can now use :
    • Multisections backupsets
    • compression
    • encryption

  • The active duplication now pulls the primary databases datafiles as backupsets, datafiles copies are no longer used.
  • You can now use the NOOPEN keyword in your duplication command to prevent RMAN from opening the database (It stays in MOUNT mode).

Transportable Database/Tablespaces

  • Transportable tablespaces and transportable database can now use backup sets instead of image copies
  • Unlike image copies, backupset can be compressed, encrypted and use multisection.

Table recovery

New Flashback Data Archive Features

  •  Flashback Data Archive let you easily get a full history of sensitive tables of you application.
  • Flashback Data Archive is easy to set on designated tables with a single command.
  • It lets you change all the sensitives tables of your application to read-only mode at the same time.
  • It lets you collect the user identity metadata to find easily who alter the sensitive table.
  • Flashback Data Archive is compatible with tables compressed with the Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • You can import existing history collected with other methods such like triggers into the FDA tables.
  • FDA data can take advantage of the Automatic Data Optimization option to optimize the storage space and performance of FDA queries.

See the documentation for examples and setup


2 thoughts on “OCP 12C – RMAN and Flashback Data Archive

  1. Hi, altogether I find these pages as very good place to get summary of new features of 12c. Thanks.
    I’ve got one question – is this really correct here:
    The active duplication…datafiles copies are no longer used.
    IMO, there’s a ‘backup as copy’ and is called ‘push’ method.

    1. Hi Greg,

      Thank you for reading my blog, You’re right, the image copies are still used when the number of auxiliary channels allocated is less than the number of target channels.

      If you specify any of these keyword :


      The number of auxiliary channels allocated is greater or equal to the number of target channels.

      The backupset method is used.

      Oracle recommends to use the backupset method.



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