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RMAN Backup script

This is a sample backup script I used, it has already a lot of options. Feel free to make any modification you want. If you add some good enhancements, let me know I can put them here so everybody can profit from them.

RMAN Backup script

RMAN table recovery (12c new feature)

Before oracle 12c, recover a table from loss or corruption was a difficult affair.
Most of the time you notice that the table is lost or corrupted too late to use the flashback technology and then the only way to go is to duplicate your database to a time the table was still valid, export this table and reimport it in your production database. That was a long drawn out affair.
Oracle 12c still procede the same way, it creates an auxiliary database with just the needed tablespace(s) containing the table to restore, export the table using datapump and reimport it to the database. All these steps are now automated. This feature is only available in Enterprise Edition as for the Tablespace Point in time recovery.

Recover a table with RMAN

As for any RMAN recovery you can restore your table by specifying :


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Moving datafiles

Move a datafile online in Oracle 12c

One of the new feature of Oracle 12c is relocating datafile online using the move command.

if you want to do a copy instead of a move, use the keep keyword and the old datafile will be retained.

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