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Stop/Start all RAC databases at once


Stopping all RAC databases running on an ORACLE_HOME at once and saving the state before shutting them down is really helpfull when you are doing patching on a server.

In my case I have databases running on some nodes and not the others, it’s getting complicated to keep track of which database is running where. With this method you will shutdown all databases at once and keep track of the databases running on that node before shutting them down.

Stopping all RAC databases of an ORACLE_HOME

This command will stop all databases running on the ORACLE_HOME specified and save the state before the shutdown in a state file.

Starting all RAC databases of an ORACLE_HOME

This command uses a state file to restart all databases previously running on a node.


RMAN Backup script

This is a sample backup script I used, it has already a lot of options. Feel free to make any modification you want. If you add some good enhancements, let me know I can put them here so everybody can profit from them.

RMAN Backup script