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Far Sync (Oracle 12c New Feature)

Oracle Far Sync is an Oracle 12c new feature for Oracle Data Guard. This feature is meant to resolve the performance problems induced by network latency when you maintain a standby database geographically distant of the primary database. In this type of situation you sometimes have to make a compromise between performance and data loss. The Far Sync feature offer you both.

How does Far Sync works ?

The principe is fairly simple, the Far Sync instance receive data synchronously from the primary database and then forward it asynchronously to up de 29 remote destinations.

Data Guard Far Sync
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Network based recovery (12c new feature)


In this article, I’ll explain how to manualy recover a standby database using the oracle RMAN new feature “RECOVER FROM SERVICE”.

Configuration for the test

HOSTS : 2 Virtual Machines with 2 GB of Memory
OS : Oracle Linux 6.4
ORACLE VERSION : Oracle Standard Edition

A database named DB12C in archivelog mode has been created on the first host using DBCA, a listener is running on each server on the default port 1521 and the tnsnames.ora file has been defined as follow :

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