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rename RAC cluster


Renaming an Oracle RAC cluster is not an easy thing, unfortunately for me I had to do this today because the name chosen for the newly installed cluster was wrong.
Oracle does not provide a simple command to do this and you have to go through a deconfiguration/reconfiguration of the whole cluster.

Changing the cluster name

Deconfigure RAC (root user)

On each node except the last one as user root:

On the last node as root:

Cleanup the ASM disks (grid user)

You need to cleanup the ASM disks used for the OCR diskgroup because the diskgroup cannot be reused.

Reconfigure RAC (grid user)

To reconfigure the cluster you just restart the setup of the grid installation, either for 11g or for 12c. I used the responsefile from my first installation and just edited the response file to change my cluster name.

Execute scripts once installation completes as instructed by the installer.

Check if the change is effective

Additionnal Steps

if you already had created a database on the cluster before changing its name, here are the additionnal steps you need to perform.

Mount the ASM diskgroups

Add back the database to the cluster

Add instances to the database

Start the database

Reference: Doc ID 1967916.1

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  1. What a funny idea to rename a RAC. Like always, thank you for this very original procedure.

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